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About Us

Scientific Dentistry Alliance (SDA) is an organisation founded in October 2014 by Billy Choong Bing Liang, guided by a team of professional mentors. Participants are leaders of various faculties, from Business management to IT to Healthcare and Law etc.




Scientific Dentistry Alliance (SDA) aims to become the go to platform that provide services and products that fulfill the needs of the public and dental industry in ASEAN.




We strive to provide value to the demands of the public and dental industry in ASEAN through 3 projects.


Oral Care E-commerce Platform
We will build and manage an oral care E-commerce platform that provide oral care information and products to the public; and provide dentists tool to communicate dental information to their patients.


Dental Clinics Over ASEAN
We aim to build 140 high quality dental clinics over ASEAN.


Postgraduate Dental University
We aim to form a dental university that provide post graduate courses to the dentist, such as specialist courses, short courses of new  dental technology and equipment, business management courses for dentistry.
We also will provide dental team training for dental nurses and receptionists.