Scientific Dentistry Alliance | German Scientists potential collaboration with Malaysia start-up

German Scientists Introduce Breakthrough Technology to a Malaysian Start-up, Backed by Bavarian (Germany) Government.

Leading German Technology Company; Concept Consult in collaboration with Scientific Dentistry Alliance (SDA) opens doors for Malaysian companies. This Malaysian – German joint venture gives opportunities to local Malaysian architect and construction companies to join in this billion-dollar venture. These innovative new environment-friendly green construction buildings will be exported worldwide. 

German scientist Professor Helmuth Gesch from Concept Consult (former Vice president of University of Applied Sciences, from Germany) presented their breakthrough technologies about new Green Technologies and the “Passive House concept” to Billy Choong CEO of Scientific Dentistry Alliance (SDA). SDA will be constructing 140 dental clinics and a university in the ASEAN region. 


The Germans core purpose is to collaborate with Malaysian companies to set up a team, subsequently transfer German experience and scientific knowledge to Malaysia. Then together the collaboration will export their turn key clinics in the ASEAN region and eventually worldwide. This green construction technology that Professor Helmuth Gesch calls “Passive House concept” can be implemented in many different industries worldwide.

Furthermore, Mr. Hans-Joachim Heusler (CEO of Bayern International GmbH, Germany) is quite pleased with the idea of bringing Bavarian technology to Malaysian. Bayern International GmbH is owned by the Bavarian government (Germany). Mr. Heusler said the Bavarian government is fully behind the project and will support the project in every way possible. They are happy to share the knowledge with SDA and its partners. The revenue created by this innovative project that will shared and will change the world for the better. 

Together with SDA the Bavarian government would like to change the mindset of people worldwide. Create a cleaner innovative environment while creating business and investment opportunities. This will ultimately create jobs, a cleaner environment, and commercial opportunities between Malaysia and Germany.  

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