Scientific Dentistry Alliance | The Revolution of Malaysian Dentistry Begins Here

The Revolution of Malaysian Dentistry Begins Here




The Revolution of Malaysian Dentistry Begins Here.


Drastic changes are expected in the Malaysian dental industry in the next few years as a new alliance has been formed, this alliance will provide a dramatic modernization to the profession.


One of the highly debated issues in current Malaysian society and the media is the quality of dental professionals. Over the past decade, there has been a rapidly expanding number of dentists graduating from dental universities which themselves have ballooned in number. This has inevitably led to a downward trajectory for the quality of dental professionals produced. Insufficient jobs and a high dropout rate have been cited as problems for those who have worked hard to obtain their basic degree. The field of dental education has transformed completely in the past five years.


Half a decade ago, there were only five recognised dental universities in Malaysia. Today, there are fifteen. The Ministry of Health has recently made the announcement that it will be cutting down the duration of government service for freshly graduated dentists to one year. Just four years ago, compulsory government service was three years in length. On the surface, this may seem like good news to the graduating dentists; however, one year provides only one-third of the experience/learning and training available as compared to service duration of three years. Most would agree that the increasing number of graduates has led to more focus on quantity over quality in the dental industry. Thus, some of the innovative dental students involved have taken the initiative to do something different and push their boundaries with a focus on quality.


Calling themselves; Scientific Dentistry Alliance (SDA). SDA consists of professionals from various disciplines such as dentistry, business management, political science, social science, IT, marketing, finance and law. SDA has recognised it takes a team of world-class professionals to be the best in the industry. Every participant at SDA is given world-class mentors to guide the team to achieve their objectives.


SDA will team up with local and German/European universities, to set up a Scientific Dental Tutorial Centre. This centre will train the dental industry to deliver world-class high-tech services. This will include bringing in new research and development projects, making Malaysia a leading nation in the industry. SDA's second objective is to import German/European technologies and inject it into Malaysia. This will involve inviting in innovative companies that bring knowledge, the newest technologies and equipment. The mission involves attracting some of the world’s top dental companies to join and invest in SDA in setting themselves up in Malaysia.


In its inception, SDA plans to send individuals to partner universities for advanced training and internships in Germany/Europe after the completion of their basic studies in Malaysia. These internships will be in various related fields such as dental practice management, customer service, equipment training, etc. There are further plans to send dentists abroad to attend cutting-edge courses such as those involving dental implants, dental cosmetics and aesthetics, dental radiology, etc. There are plans for SDA to open up approximately 140 clinics in peninsular Malaysia specialising in high-quality dental care.


Finally, SDA plans to utilise its Scientific Dental Tutorial Centre not only to training dentists to expand their skillset and bring dentistry to a new level, but also to function as a charitable organisation to assist selected socially and financially impaired patients.


SDA is currently in its infancy. However, plans have been laid and the gears are in motion for what promises to be an exceptionally bright and promising future. The bar has been set high, but SDA knows that it can always be pushed higher. Only the best is acceptable!

SDA is currently looking for additional participants in dentally related fields: Students, Professional Mentors, Investors and industry leaders are all welcome! Those who are interested to be a part of this exceptional venture, contact us if you have the requisite passion and drive. SDA's selection board will be in touch with you. Let’s push our boundaries together!


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