Scientific Dentistry Alliance | Dental Students Played a Role in Belgium National Day

Scientific Dentistry Alliance Students took a role in Belgium National Day Celebration

From Left: Professional Waitress, Mr. Daniel Dargent (Belgium Ambassador), 3 Dental students
Thank you His Excellency Ambassador Daniel Dargent for giving the opportunity to the students to gain exposure and earn extra pocket money.

Scientific Dentistry Alliance (SDA) participants worked as waiters for the Belgium Ambassador at the Belgium national day celebration party in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The party was held in the Belgium Ambassador’s residence. Around 100 guests attended the party, included the management level of big corporations, European country’s ambassadors, venture capitalist and other big shots.


With the right connections, they were given the opportunity to be the part-time waiters on that extraordinary party. The whole idea is to be exposed to different environment and learns the basic of service. The SDA always believe service is one of the keys of differentiation among others in dentistry, just like other industries.


Strange enough in dentistry,


“Treatment quality is the root of successful dentistry; Service qualities are only the fancy parts like the leaf and flower. But guess what, leaf and flower always have the most direct effect when it comes to first impression.”


Treatment quality should be the base line of dentistry, which every dentist should always give the best quality possible. Services are the additional assets that set you apart from the others.


The students had a valuable experience that night. They’ve learned that giving good services does not mean giving up the dignity as a dentist. It just means that they shift all focus onto the patients, their customers.


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