Scientific Dentistry Alliance | SDA Meets Deputy CEO and Directors of MIDA in Malaysia

SDA Meets Deputy CEO and Directors of MIDA (Malaysian Investment Development Authority)

The plans of the SDA took a big leap forward recently as an exciting meeting between a few SDA members and high ranking officials from Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) took place recently at MIDA headquarters at KL Sentral.


Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) is in charge of many forms of investment into Malaysia and it acts a gateway for any new companies which may be interested in setting themselves up in the nation. It plays a valuable role as investment is crucial to development. This affirms MIDA as one of the most vital divisions of the government. Members of the SDA had the chance to speak to Datuk Phang Ah Tong (Deputy CEO), Taufik Anuar Ibrahim (Deputy Director) and Teo Jie Khan (Assistant Director). The three MIDA officials paid rapt attention to the presentation made by Billy Choong about SDA and its plans. The presentation highlighted in particular the plans to improve the quality of dentistry in Malaysia and enable Malaysia to become a hub for dental tourism, thus bringing in further investment.



Datuk Phang expressed his desire to back the plans of SDA and agreed to support the future initiatives of the alliance in any way possible. He was also kind enough to provide his personal input into what improvements can be made to the current plans. Datuk Phang agreed to facilitate the organisation of further meetings between relevant government departments and SDA members. He expressed his desire to see high quality dentistry being carried out in Malaysia and to see dental tourism grow.


The support and backing from an organisation as influential as MIDA is a big victory for SDA as it shows that there is belief in what can be achieved by the alliance at the highest level. As investment is also one of the key aspects of SDA’s plans, there is hope that this meeting could prove to be the start of a symbiotic relationship which will yield fruits in terms of investment as well as improved standards of dentistry.


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