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The First Scientific Dentistry Alliance Gathering

Members of the Scientific Dentistry Alliance (SDA) were delighted to play host to some influential individuals in a recent casual gathering involving the SDA and those who backed it.


The members of Scientific Dentistry Alliance were honoured with the presence of just a few of the many high ranking individuals supporting the cause. Those who were in attendance included, His Excellency, Daniel Dargent, the Belgian ambassador to Malaysia, Sherman Siew and Johny Sui, high ranking members of the Rotary Club of Bukit Bintang, Mr Kuehner, Director of edotco Group and his wife. Many members of the SDA were present as well including Bernard Schutte, the driving force behind the initiative.


Networking opportunities were in abundance as it became apparent to those who were present exactly how varied the industries involved in Scientific Dentistry Alliance could be, from those who had majored in financial studies to those who were professionals in designing medical facilities. Since the launch of SDA, the members have been actively involved with brainstorming and networking with various parties to see this effort to success.


All in all, it was a successful Scientific Dentistry Alliance event that helped to bring those in attendance closer to each other. 


News article by: Auleep Ganguly

Photo credits: Jerry Wong

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